Athletic Club 1904.jpg 1904-cü il çempionu Atletik Bilbao.
Ölkə İspaniya İspaniya
Komandalar 4
Çempion Atletik Bilbao
Oyun sayı 3
Qol sayı 15 (oyun başına 5)

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İspaniya Kral Kuboku 1904 QALİBİ
Atletik Bilbao


  1. The captains of both teams agreed not to play extra time, but failed to reach an agreement on when they should replay the match. The Club Español de Madrid wanted to play at the same time the next day, but the Madrid-Moderno refused, and alleged that in the bases of the tournament was said that no tie could be played in less than 48 hours after the game. Next day the Club Español de Madrid went to play the replay, but the Madrid-Moderno did not. The regional federation, whose president Ceferino Birdalone happened to be president of Club Español de Madrid as well, ruled in favor of Club Español, and were declared winners of the match.
  2. This match was abandoned after a serious injury of Hermúa, defender of Club Español. The president of the Madrid Football Federation (also the president of Español de Madrid) fixed March 30 to replay the match. The only team that appeared on the pitch that day was Club Español de Madrid and was declared the winner by the President of the Federation.

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