"İstifadəçi müzakirəsi:Vago" səhifəsinin versiyaları arasındakı fərqlər

::Thanks for your offer. I've just been understanding there was something going wrong. I would apreciate some advise indeed. I think I have already located the problem. It must be a wrong link in the MediaWiki:Common.js. --[[İstifadəçi:Kadwalan|Kadwalan]] 14:19, 20 oktyabr 2011 (UTC)
:::Hello again. Thanks a lot for help. I made changes but not exactly as you told me. I did what you told in MediaWiki:Common.js. I didn't do the change you advised me to do in Mediawiki:Monobook.js because it look like a "link page" as there is nothing in it on our wiki. I did this change instead in the MediaWiki:Monobook.css where i had found the same kind of information about FA. Do you think it's ok?--[[İstifadəçi:Kadwalan|Kadwalan]] 22:49, 25 oktyabr 2011 (UTC)
:::Hello. I've written your script on MediaWiki:Monobook.js. No change so far.--[[İstifadəçi:Kadwalan|Kadwalan]] 13:25, 26 oktyabr 2011 (UTC)
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