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| nəticəsi = Ermənistan Silahlı Qüvvələrinin qələbəsi, Azərbaycan torpaqlarının 14.14%-i<ref name="Thomas De Waal 2003"></ref> keçmiş [[Azərbaycan SSR]]-in [[Dağlıq Qarabağ Muxtar Vilayəti]]nin və 7 ətraf rayonun işğalı {{Bax|#Nəticə|1}}, Tanınmayan Dağlıq Qarabağ respublikasının qurulması
| ərazi =
| tərəf1 = [[Şəkil:Flag of Armenia.svg|22px]] [[Ermənistan]]<br \> [[Şəkil:Flag of Greece.svg|22px]] [[Yunanıstan]]<ref name="cssas">{{cite journal|title=[http://cssas.unap.ro/en/pdf_periodicals/si37.swf Strategic impact]|issue=4|publisher=[[Carol I National Defence University|Romanian National Defence University "Carol I"]] Centre for Defence and Security Strategic Studies|location=Bucharest|year=2010|pages=35|quote=Greece supported Armenia both by delivering military and economic assistance and diplomatic representation by promoting the Armenia's interests in the EU and NATO.}}</ref><br \>[[Şəkil:Flag of Russia.svg|22px]] [[Rusiya]]<ref>{{cite book|last=Benson|first=Brett V.|title=Constructing International Security: Alliances, Deterrence, and Moral Hazard|year=2012|publisher=Cambridge University Press|location=Cambridge|isbn=9781107027244|page=67|quote=Russia was widely viewed as supporting the Armenian position. Much of this perception stemmed from the fact that Russia transferred military support to Armenia during the Nagorno-Karabakh War.}}</ref><br \>[[Şəkil:Flag of the United States.svg|22px]] [[Amerika Birləşmiş Ştatları]]<ref>[http://azer.com/aiweb/categories/magazine/62_folder/62_articles/62_section907.html U.S. Congress Section 907 of the Freedom Support Act]</ref><ref>Cheterian, Vicken (2008). War and Peace in the Caucasus: Ethnic Conflict and the New Geopolitics. New York: Columbia University Press. p. 362. ISBN 9780231700641. For example, in the case of Karabakh the US administration heavily supported Armenia, viewed as “democratic” and therefore Westernlike, against Azerbaijan, looked upon as still ruled by remnants of the Communist nomenklatura.</ref><ref>Drezner, Daniel W. (1999). The Sanctions Paradox: Economic Statecraft and International Relations. New York: Cambridge University Press. pp. 151–152. ISBN 9780521644150. Furthermore, the United States strongly supported Armenia and spurned Azerbaijan during most of the period in question.</ref><ref>Ambrosio, Thomas (2001). Irredentism: Ethnic Conflict and International Politics. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Publishing Group. p. 187. ISBN 9780275972608. Both the United States and Russia have, with varying degrees of intention, supported Armenia's irrendentist project.</ref><br \>[[Şəkil:Flag of Iran.svg|22px]] [[İran]]<ref>[http://carnegieendowment.org/files/sadjadpour_iran_final2.pdf]</ref><ref>Chufrin, Gennadij Illarionovič (2001). The Security of the Caspian Sea Region. Oxford: Oxford Univ. Press. p. 270. ISBN 9780199250202.</ref><ref>Herszenhorn, David M. (5 June 2012). "Iran and Azerbaijan, Already Wary Neighbors, Find Even Less to Agree On". The New York Times. Retrieved 17 June 2013.</ref><br \>[[Şəkil:Flag of the Talysh-Mughan Republic.svg|22px]] [[Talış-Muğan Muxtar Respublikası]](1993)
| tərəf1N =
| tərəf2 = [[Şəkil:Flag of Azerbaijan.svg|22px]] [[Azərbaycan]]<br \> [[Şəkil:Flag of the Soviet Union.svg|22px]] [[SSRİ]]<ref>{{cite book|last=Hoge|first=James F.|title=The Clash of Civilizations: The Debate|year=2010|publisher=Council on Foreign Relations|isbn=9780876094365|page=17|authorlink=James F. Hoge, Jr.|quote=In the last years of its existence, the Soviet government supported Azerbaijan because its government was dominated by former communists.}}</ref><ref>{{cite book|title=Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia|year=2002|publisher=Europa Publications|location=London|isbn=9781857431377|page=77|quote=Soviet security forces supported Azerbaijan's efforts to reimpose control over Nagornyi Karabakh and Armenian villages outside the enclave.}}</ref><ref>{{cite book|last=Truscott|first=Peter|title=Russia First: Breaking with the West|year=1997|publisher=Tauris Publ.|location=London|isbn=9781860641992|page=74|quote=Initially, the Soviet regime in the Kremlin appears to have supported Azerbaijan in its attempt to maintain the territorial integrity of the borders established by Stalin in 1921.}}</ref><br \>[[Şəkil:Flag of Israel.svg|22px]] [[İsrail]]<ref>{{cite web|last1=Murinson|first1=Alexander|title=The Ties Between Israel and Azerbaijan|url=https://web.archive.org/web/20141103080836/http://besacenter.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/MSPS110-web.pdf|website=Mideast Security and Policy Studies No. 110|publisher=[[Begin–Sadat Center for Strategic Studies]]|date=October 2014|quote=Israel supported the Azeri side in this conflict by supplying Stinger missiles to Azerbaijani troops during the war.}}</ref><ref>{{cite book|last1=Dekmejian|first1=Richard Hrair|authorlink1=Richard Dekmejian|last2=Simonian|first2=Hovann H.|title=Troubled Waters: The Geopolitics of the Caspian Region|year=2003|ISBN=9781860649226|page=125|quote=In addition to commercial links, Israel has given strong backing to Azerbaijan in its conflict with Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh, which reportedly has included military assistance.}}</ref><br \> [[Şəkil:Flag of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.svg|22px]] [[Çeçenistan]]<ref>Griffin, Nicholas (2004). Caucasus: A Journey to the Land Between Christianity and Islam. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. pp. 185–186. ISBN 0-226-30859-6.</ref><br \> [[Şəkil: Flag of Ukraine.svg|22px]] [[Ukrayna]]<ref>Azadian, Edmond Y. (1999). History on the Move: Views, Interviews and Essays on Armenian Issues. Wayne State University Press. p. 173. ISBN 9780814329160. But as subsequent events evolved it became all too apparent that Ukraine has steadfastly stood behind Azerbaijan in the Nagorno-Karabagh conflict all along. ...it was reported from Stepanakert that Ukraine had shipped 40 tanks to Azerbaijan. Later that number was raised to 59. Ukraine had also supplied Azerbaijan with Mig-21 attack places.</ref><br \> [[Şəkil:Flag of Turkey.svg|22px]] [[Türkiyə]]<ref> Balayev, Bahruz (2013). The Right to Self-Determination in the South Caucasus: Nagorno Karabakh in Context. Lexington Books. p. 70. ISBN 9780739178287. Turkey took the Azerbaijani position, showing special activity. It rendered active military help to Azerbaijan. In the Azerbaijani army there were Turkish officers-instructors and a group of the Azerbaijani men started training in Turkey.</ref><br \>[[Şəkil:Flag of Afghanistan 1992 free.png|22px]] [[Əfqanıstan]] könüllüləri<ref>Cooley, Unholy Wars: Afghanistan, America and International Terrorism. London: Pluto Press. ISBN 0-7453-1917-3.</ref>
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| tərəf3N =
| komandan1 = [[Şəkil:Flag of Armenia.svg|22px]] Samvel Babayan <br \>[[Şəkil:Flag of Armenia.svg|22px]] [[Serj Sarkisyan]] <br \>[[Şəkil:Flag of Armenia.svg|22px]] [[Robert Köçəryan]] <br \>[[Şəkil:Flag of Armenia.svg|22px]] [[Levon Ter-Petrosyan]] <br \>[[Şəkil:Flag of Armenia.svg|22px]] [[Artur Mkrtçyan]] <br \>[[Şəkil:Flag of Armenia.svg|22px]] [[Tatul Krpeyan]] <br \> [[Şəkil:Flag of Armenia.svg|22px]] [[Monte Melkonyan]] <br \>[[Şəkil:Flag of Armenia.svg|22px]] [[Seyran Ohanyan]] <br \> [[Şəkil:Flag of Armenia.svg|22px]] Vazgen Manukyan <br \> [[Şəkil:Flag of Armenia.svg|22px]] Xristofor İvanyan <br \> [[Şəkil:Flag of Armenia.svg|22px]] Leonid Azqaldyan <br \>[[Şəkil:Flag of Armenia.svg|22px]] Vazgen Sarkisyan <br \> [[Şəkil:Flag of Armenia.svg|22px]] Arkadi Ter-Tadevosyan <br \> [[Şəkil:Flag of Armenia.svg|22px]] Anatoli Zineviç <br \> [[Şəkil:Flag of the Talysh-Mughan Republic.svg|22px]] [[Ələkrəm Hümbətov]](1993)
| komandan2 = [[Şəkil:Flag of Azerbaijan.svg|22px]] [[Ələkrəm Hümbətov]] <br \> [[Şəkil:Flag of Azerbaijan.svg|22px]] [[Dadaş Rzayev]] <br \> [[Şəkil:Flag of Azerbaijan.svg|22px]] [[Valeh Bərşadlı]] <br \> [[Şəkil:Flag of Azerbaijan.svg|22px]] [[İsgəndər Həmidov]] <br \> [[Şəkil:Flag of Azerbaijan.svg|22px]] [[Rövşən Cavadov]] <br \> [[Şəkil:Flag of Azerbaijan.svg|22px]] [[Surət Hüseynov]] <br \> [[Şəkil:Flag of Azerbaijan.svg|22px]] [[Rəhim Qazıyev]]<br \> [[Şəkil:Flag of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.svg|22px]] [[Şamil Basayev]]<br \> [[Şəkil:Flag of Turkey.svg|22px]] Yusuf Ziya Arpacık<ref>[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2-wzZyl-Yw]</ref>
| komandan3 =