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Bu gün Vikipediyanın 16 yaşı tamam olur. Bu münasibətlə bütün Vikipediya könüllülərini təbrik edirəm! Könlünüz xoş olsun! --►'''[[İstifadəçi:Cekli829|<font face="Tahoma" color="red">Cekli səkkiz yüz</font>]] [[İstifadəçi müzakirəsi:Cekli829|<font face="Tahoma" color="red">iyirmi doqquz</font>]]''' 09:41, 15 yanvar 2017 (UTC)
== Wiki Speaks Your Language ==
[[File:Wiki Speaks Your Language logo.svg|right|200px]]
Hello all and sorry for writing this message in English. It is my pleasure to inform you about the launch of the [[meta:Wiki Speaks Your Language|Wiki Speaks Your Language]] initiative with the goal of enriching the Wikimedia projects with freely licenced audio (and video) files documenting spoken examples of every language, language variety and dialect in the world.
The idea originates from the curiosity of many readers viewing language articles not only to read about the language but also to hear how does it sound. In most of the cases, our language articles lack such files and readers usually end up searching videos on YouTube, notwithstanding that we have the capacity as a movement and the resources to meet their wish.
The initiative lists three possible ways of acquiring the freely licenced audio (and video) files: 1) by adapting existing audio and video files on Wikimedia Commons (mostly from the Spoken Wikipedia projects), 2) by liberating existing audio and video files from the repositories of GLAM and educational institutions, and 3) by engaging Wikimedia communities, GLAM and educational institutions in the recording of new audio and video files.
In the first phase of the initiative, the easiest way to start is by working with the resources we already have and therefore my proposal and kind request to the Azerbaijani Wikipedia community is to get involved in adapting existing videos from the [[commons:Category:Spoken Wikipedia - Azerbaijani|Spoken Wikipedia]] project. There are some [[meta:Wiki Speaks Your Language/Tips#Qualities of files|useful tips]] on what the existing files should be adapted to. The adapted files should be categorised under "Category:Wiki Speaks Azerbaijani", tagged with [[commons:Template:WSYL|WSYL]] template and added to the [[meta:Wiki Speaks Your Language/Languages|list of languages]].--[[İstifadəçi:Kiril Simeonovski|Kiril Simeonovski]] ([[İstifadəçi müzakirəsi:Kiril Simeonovski|müzakirə]]) 13:45, 15 yanvar 2017 (UTC)
Best regards.--[[İstifadəçi:Kiril Simeonovski|Kiril Simeonovski]] ([[İstifadəçi müzakirəsi:Kiril Simeonovski|müzakirə]]) 13:45, 15 yanvar 2017 (UTC)