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<br>[https://simple.wikiquote.org/wiki/Alexander_the_Great - Alexander the Great addressing his troops prior to the Battle of Issus: "There are Greek troops, to be sure, in Persian service — but how different is their cause from ours! They will be fighting for pay — and not much of at that; we, on the contrary, shall fight for Greece, and our hearts will be in it."] ''Anabasis Alexandri'' by Roman historian [[Arrian]], Book II, 7
<br>[https://simple.wikiquote.org/wiki/Alexander_the_Great - Alexander's letter to Persian king Darius in response to a truce plea: "Your ancestors came to Macedonia and the rest of Hellas (Greece) and did us great harm, though we had done them no prior injury. I have been appointed leader of the Greeks, and wanting to punish the Persians I have come to Asia, which I took from you."] ''Anabasis Alexandri'' by [[Arrian]]; translated as ''Anabasis of Alexander'' by P. A. Brunt, for the "Loeb Edition" Book II 14, 4
<br>[https://simple.wikiquote.org/wiki/Alexander_the_Great– - Alexander the Great: "If it were not my purpose to combine barbarian things with things Hellenic (Greek), to traverse and civilize every continent, to search out the uttermost parts of land and sea, to push the bounds of Macedonia to the farthest Ocean, and to disseminate and shower the blessings of the Hellenic justice and peace over every nation, I should not be content to sit quietly in the luxury of idle power, but I should emulate the frugality of Diogenes. But as things are, forgive me Diogenes, that I imitate Herakles, and emulate Perseus, and follow in the footsteps of Dionysos, the divine author and progenitor of my family, and desire that victorious Hellenes should dance again in India and revive the memory of the Bacchic revels among the savage mountain tribes beyond the Kaukasos."]{{Dead link|date=January 2021 |bot=InternetArchiveBot }} ''On the Fortune of Alexander'' by Plutarch, 332 a-b
<br>[https://simple.wikiquote.org/wiki/Alexander_the_Great - Alexander addressing the dead Hellenes (the Athenian and Thebean Greeks) of the Battle of Chaeronea: "Holy shadows of the dead, I'm not to blame for your cruel and bitter fate, but the accursed rivalry which brought sister nations and brother people, to fight one another. I do not feel happy for this victory of mine. On the contrary, I would be glad, brothers, if I had all of you standing here next to me, since we are united by the same language, the same blood and the same visions."] ''Historiae Alexandri Magni'' by [[Quintus Curtius Rufus]]
<br>[[q:Alexander I of Macedon|- Alexander I of Macedon, ancestor of Alexander the Great, member of the Argead dynasty: "Tell your king (Xerxes), who sent you, how his Greek viceroy of Macedonia has received you hospitably."]] [[Herodotus]], ''Histories'', 5.20.4, Loeb