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Teq: 2017 viki-mətn redaktoru
* {{cite news | title=Iskandar Hamidov is free. What is next for him? | author=Fariz Ismailzade | publisher=Central Asia and Caucasus Analyst | url= | date=January 14, 2004 | access-date=2006-09-16 | url-status=dead | archive-url= | archive-date=September 26, 2007 }}
* {{cite journal |author=Martin A. Lee |date=March 1997 |title=Les liaisons dangereuses de la police turque |journal=[[Le Monde diplomatique]] |pages=9 |url= |quote=Ce dernier choisit comme ministre de l’intérieur M. Iskender Gamidov, un extrémiste incontrôlable affichant son appartenance aux Loups gris et plaidant ouvertement pour la création d’une Grande Turquie qui comprendrait le nord de l’Iran et s’étendrait jusqu’à la Sibérie, l’Inde et la Chine. Il fut forcé de démissionner en avril 1993 après avoir menacé l’Arménie d’une attaque nucléaire.|language=fr}}
* "British companies line up for the second Transcaucasus oil rush." Times [London, England], 1 Oct. 1992, p. 23. GALE|A116252840 --- But Iskander Hamidov, the Azerbaijan interior minister, told Azeri television that Mr Grachev's reference to peacekeepers was nothing but a veiled form of aggression.
* Dawisha, Karen and Bruce Parrott, ''Conflict, cleavage, and change in Central Asia and the Caucasus'', (Cambridge University Press, 1997), 136.
* [ Amnesty International. "Political prisoners in Azerbaijan and Armenia", 20 January 2002] {{webarchive|url= |date=3 October 2003 }}
* {{cite web|title=Güc strukturlarının həbs olunmuş rəhbərləri |url= | | |archiveurl= |archivedate=18 yanvar 2021 }}
* {{cite web |title=İsgəndər Həmidov reanimasiyadadır |url= | | |archive-url= |archive-date=23 oktyabr 2020 }}
* "Azerbaijanis clamor for fair election." Washington Times [Washington, DC], 21 Aug. 2005, p. A08. GALE|A135344057 -- "We have one demand: that the elections be free and fair," National Democratic Party leader Iskander Hamidov, who spent 10 years in prison as a dissident, said as he led about 500 supporters during a recent protest. "But we know the elections will be falsified. ... The authorities are pushing us toward a velvet revolution." Other political opponents have been jailed and tortured, including Mr. Hamidov, who had his fingers broken while detained earlier this year. Until recently, public demonstrations were strictly limited and sometimes violently suppressed. One person was killed and more than 200 injured when police clashed with thousands of protesters after Mr. Aliyev's election in 2003.
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